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about picThe history of the school is in two phases.  The first phase came to fruition in 1990 with the establishment of Walbrook Computer and Secretarial School.  The Centre was primarily aimed at educating Nigerians on Computer - that was just making in road into our system. In addition, providing secretarial skills for corporate establishment.

In both areas, the School was very successful as testified to by the products of the scheme today.  However, that actually was not the ultimate direction as directed by God but, it served as a good starting point.

The high point came in January, 1996 when Walbrook College came into existence.  Since then the school has not looked back.At inception, the school operated out of a temporary site at Obe Street, Kongi, Bodija.

However, in year 2002 the College moved to its permanent site, a purpose built facilities at College Road, Samonda, near University of Ibadan, Ibadan.
Today it regularly presents candidates for both the Junior and Senior Secondary School Certificate Examinations. Performances of the school in these examinations are a source of inspiration and pride to the Community.  The concept and realization of the College was the brain child of the Director Mr. Thompson Akinwunmi and Executive Director, Mrs. Olaide Akinwumi.

The School is made up of four blocks of building, herein named Block A, B, C and D .Block A is a two (2) floor purpose built school building. It houses the following:

  •    Fifteen (15) classrooms. Each with a capacity of thirty (30) students for the College and the Junior School.
  •     The school Library with a sitting capacity of fifty students
  •     Offices of the Executive Director, Principal (temporary), Public Affairs Manager, Heads of Departments, Senior
  •     Tutors and Librarian.
  •     Visitors Lobby
  •     Laboratories
  •     Information Technology Room
  •     Staff Room.

Block B is a four (4) floor building - partly still under construction - housing the following:

  •     Office of the College Director, Principal, School Administrator and the Bursar.
  •     Conference Room
  •     General Administrative offices.
  •     Multipurpose Hall with a sitting capacity of five hundred persons at a time
  •     Laboratories- for Physics, Biology and Chemistry along with their preparatory rooms.
  •     Purposed-built Language Laboratory
  •      Twenty-four (24) purpose built classrooms.
  •     Two ICT Seminar Rooms.
  •      Lobbies on the first and ground floors
  •     Teachers Lounge
  •     Purposed built Library - ICT and Library On-line compliant - that can sit two hundred students

Block C is a bungalow building housing the following:

  •     College Clinic
  •     A Store Room

Block D houses the Boys’ Hostel .Also available in the school are:

  1.     Fourteen (14) toilet facilities
  2.     A 15KVA Generator
  3.     A purpose built Dining Hall
  4.     Open space for sporting activities with a Basketball Court.
  5.     Sporting facilities available include: Table Tennis, Volley Badminton, Chess, and Football.
  6.     Parking space for a maximum of twenty Cars (20) cars at a time.