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The School is made up of four blocks of building, herein named Block A, B, C and D .Block A is a two (2) floor purpose built school building. It houses the following:

  •    Fifteen (15) classrooms. Each with a capacity of thirty (30) students for the College and the Junior School.
  •     The school Library with a sitting capacity of fifty students
  •     Offices of the Executive Director, Principal (temporary), Public Affairs Manager, Heads of Departments, Senior
  •     Tutors and Librarian.
  •     Visitors Lobby
  •     Laboratories
  •     Information Technology Room
  •     Staff Room.

Block B is a four (4) floor building - partly still under construction - housing the following:

  •     Office of the College Director, Principal, School Administrator and the Bursar.
  •     Conference Room
  •     General Administrative offices.
  •     Multipurpose Hall with a sitting capacity of five hundred persons at a time
  •     Laboratories- for Physics, Biology and Chemistry along with their preparatory rooms.
  •     Purposed-built Language Laboratory
  •      Twenty-four (24) purpose built classrooms.
  •     Two ICT Seminar Rooms.
  •      Lobbies on the first and ground floors
  •     Teachers Lounge
  •     Purposed built Library - ICT and Library On-line compliant - that can sit two hundred students

Block C is a bungalow building housing the following:

  •     College Clinic
  •     A Store Room

Block D houses the Boys’ Hostel .Also available in the school are:

  1.     Fourteen (14) toilet facilities
  2.     A 15KVA Generator
  3.     A purpose built Dining Hall
  4.     Open space for sporting activities with a Basketball Court.
  5.     Sporting facilities available include: Table Tennis, Volley Badminton, Chess, and Football.
  6.     Parking space for a maximum of twenty Cars (20) cars at a time.