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The Senior Secondary School is designed to complement the junior (Basic) Secondary.  In the senior secondary school, each student offers Six (6) core subjects and in addition, chooses two or three subjects from the optional or electives.  Thus having to offer a minimum of eight and maximum of nine.
The school offers the following core subjects.
English Language
One Nigerian Language
One of Biology, Chemistry, Physics
One of Geography, History, Literature-in-English
Agricultural Science or any other Vocational subject

The Electives are:
Biology                                           Literature-in-English
Physics                                          Geography
Chemistry                                       Agricultural Science
Christian Religious Studies                Technical Drawing
Islamic Religious Studies                   Visual Art
Further Mathematics                       French
Commerce                                      Government
Economics                                      History
Financial Accounting                        Home Management
Computer Studies

In addition to the above, Computer studies is compulsory for all students.


Academic progress of each student is evaluated by the Continuous Assessment method and internally conducted examinations.