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Walbrook College, Ibadan is organized on the basis of the National 9-3-4 policy of Education. Especially the “9-3-” part of the policy.  The school follows the scheme as outlined in the National Curriculum, and standards set by the West African Examination Council and the National Examination Council.

The school runs the Junior and Senior Secondary programmers. Each having a three- year’s duration. There is Walbrook Junior School that runs the first six years of the nine years part of the Basic education.

This is a three-year programmed leading to the award of the Oyo State and Federal Junior School Certificates.

The following subjects are offered at the JSS (Basic) programmed:
English Language                               Mathematics
Integrated science                            Social Studies
Introductory Technology                   Business Studies
Home Economics                               Fine Art
Creative Art (Music)                           Igbo/Yoruba Language
C.R.K.                                              Agricultural Science
P.H.E.                                              Computer Studies

Students offer a maximum of fifteen subjects of which they must take twelve in their final Junior School Certificate Examination.